Injection Moulded Jars, Pots & Tubs
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About Us

Leading UK Injection-Moulding Company

Our business has over 40 years of experience in the plastics industry. We manufacture at our factory in Sunbury on Thames for UK, European and Overseas customers.

Our services include:

  • Technical consultancy
  • Project management
  • Research and development
  • Manufacture of tooling and products
  • Finishing, assembly and packing
  • Marketing
  • Supply and distribution

Materials Expertise

Our expertise covers plastic materials including ABS, acetal, acrylic, nylon, polycarbonate, polypropylene, polystyrene, PVC and thermo rubber.

Other Products

Air fresheners are one of the products we manufacture. We also have expertise in products including kettles, filter jugs, air cleaners, fan heaters, electric pumps, children's lunch boxes, shelving systems, wall-paper steamers, audio speakers, packaging and white goods. 

We also manufacture and market our own products including patio ware, kitchen storage, gadgets, household accessories and packaging products including screw-top plastic containers, for which we have a dedicated website.

Details of our manufacturing and production expertise appear on our company website,

Our Location

100% Recycled Plastic

We can manufacture all of our Jars and most of our Lids from 100% Recycled plastic, if requested. These are suitable for non-food-approved applications. Additionally, we are pleased that ALL of our standard Jars and Lids are suitable and marked for recycling.

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River Packaging are dedicated to excellence in injection moulding and are committed to the highest standards of quality and service.

Through the continual training and development of our highly-skilled staff and use of the latest technology, we are determined to offer exceptional quality at the most competitive cost.